Photo Credit: US News

Photo Credit: US News

Join the Lab

Potential Grad Students

Dr. Doom is accepting a graduate student for Fall 2020. Please introduce yourself by sending her an email ( with your CV, research interests, and your prior research experiences. You will ultimately apply through the DU Psychology PhD program, but it's helpful to be on Dr. Doom's radar before applications are due.

Other MA and PhD students who are interested in collaborating with Dr. Doom are encouraged to reach out by email to discuss research interests.

Potential Undergraduate Students

We love having undergraduates in the lab! We hope you'll learn about child development and the research process while working in the lab. We are particularly interested in working with students who are interested in a multiple-semester commitment to lab so that they can get the most out of their lab experience. Being in a lab is a really great experience for students interested in grad school, med school, or any health professions. Send Dr. Doom ( and lab manager Jake West ( an email with your year in school, major, any research interests, and any past research experience (though none is required!). Dr. Doom or Jake will get back to you soon!